About the Clear Hills Project

The Province of Alberta is a top mining jurisdiction in Canada (Click to view large version)

The Province of Alberta is a top mining jurisdiction in Canada (Click to view large version)

The Clear Hills Project is situated in the heart of Peace Country, 200 kms north of the city of Grande Prairie in northwestern Alberta. The region hosts a near-surface polymetallic iron-vanadium deposit that extends along the eastern flanks of the Clear Hills.

In development since 2007, Ironstone's Clear Hills Project will feature long-term production of steel to support the growing demand for high-strength, low alloy steel and ferrovanadium products in the aerospace and automotive industries, in addition to major infrastructure and renewable energy projects.

Vanadium pentoxide, an important associated "electric metal" in the deposit, will be refined into high-performance electrolyte for use in grid-scale renewable energy storage batteries to support the rapid expansion of wind and solar electricity generation supplanting coal-fired power generation in Alberta.

Several diamond core drilling programs have defined a compliant resource of 557 million tonnes of iron (averaging 33% Fe), and 2.45 billion pounds of contained vanadium pentoxide, representing over 100 years of forecast production, the results of which are reported in a  NI 43-101 technical resource report (July 2012) released by SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc. on behalf of Ironstone Resources.

The overlying overburden is comprised of bentonite-rich expandable clays suitable for use in the production of light-weight expandable clay aggregates (LECA), which can be manufactured into a variety of environmentally-friendly building and road construction materials.

Ironstone has also excavated a bulk sample pit and extracted 11,000 tonnes of ore for metallurgical evaluations and process development.

Lithium-rich brines in Devonian-age reservoirs have been reported to exist on Ironstone's southern Clear Hills permits. The company is currently evaluating the formation brines to determine the most effective method to concentrate and extract the lithium (and related performance elements) for use in rechargeable batteries for electric automobiles and consumer products.

Nearby population centres and major well-developed infrastructure – including rail, highways, airports and colleges – will support up to 1,000 full-time mining and manufacturing jobs at full production, estimated to commence in 2021.

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