Aligning Significant Natural Resources with Innovative and Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

Ironstone Resources Ltd. is a private Canadian mineral resource company in development of its Clear Hills Project in northwestern Alberta, Canada. The multi-faceted project is located in the heart of Peace Country – a region with a rich heritage and history, a keen entrepreneurial spirit, abundant natural resources, tight-knit communities and proud indigenous peoples. Featuring innovative processes and manufacturing systems, and high-value products targeted to modern economies, the Clear Hills Project is designed to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Ironstone is proud to play a large role supporting long-term infrastructure investments and making a meaningful contribution to the economic growth in Alberta and Canada.

The Clear Hills has the potential to become the source for globally important commodities, such as advanced high-strength steel products, vanadium and lithium for use in renewable energy storage batteries, and light-weight expandable clay aggregates for environmentally-friendly building and construction materials. In development since 2007, Ironstone and its strategic partners have worked diligently to advance the project through resource compliance drilling and innovative metallurgical process development. With an anticipated startup 2021, Ironstone is now focused on moving the project through its demonstration and feasibility stage by 2019.

Ironstone is proud to have over 250 shareholders, with three-quarters residing within hours of the project, whose ongoing support have inspired Ironstone to build a world-class organization dedicated to fully sustainable development that will enrich the lives of Albertans and Canadians for generations to come.

Investors wanting to learn more about the opportunity to own a position in Ironstone Resources are encouraged to contact Jim Masleck for more information.