Pre-PEA Mineral Processing Tests Underway

Two continuous pilot reactor campaigns were recently conducted by Hazen Research under the supervision of Hatch. These process metallurgical campaigns tested the complete HICS/DRI iron reduction process.

The two campaigns evaluated dozens of processing conditions and achieved results that exceeded both Hatch and Ironstone’s expectations.

The second campaign, conducted over 21 days operating 24/7, tested a total of 33 different operating conditions. The ooilitic ironstone after HICS reduction achieved 90% or more metallization. 

The highly metallized samples were then magnetically separated by Davis Tube resulting in a DRI concentrate consisting of 90% Fe, 0.12% P and 0.3% C. Recovery is targeted at 80%. 

Based on the success of the mineral processing testes to date, the engineering team is currently conducting scaled-up magnetic separation campaigns at Hazen, with results expected in late Q2 2014.

Upon completion of the mineral processing work, Ironstone will be commissioning its maiden Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) expected in Q3 2014